Collector Manish Singh and MD of Madhya Pradesh Industrial Corporation, Rohan Saxena addressed the youth in the program of Young Entrepreneur Forum, Young Entrepreneur Summit will be organized by Young Entrepreneur Forum in Ujjain on 19th November.

Investors come to any state only when there is better land, education and medical facilities. Every effort is being made to increase investment in Madhya Pradesh also. The government is constantly working to improve land, education, medical facilities. Under this Industrial Development Park has been established in Pithampur. Here a separate space has been reserved for women entrepreneurs. The state is also getting the benefit of Delhi-Mumbai Express Corridor. The state will be connected to seven places through the corridor.Work is being done to prepare industrial parks and logistics hubs at these places. Industrial and logistics hubs are being prepared around Dewas and also around the biggest airport being built in the state.

The program was organized by Young Entrepreneur Forum at a hotel in Indore on Saturday. In this, Rohan Saxena, MD, Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation said this. Young Entrepreneur Summit is being organized in Ujjain by Young Entrepreneur Forum on 19th November. Under this this program was done. In the program, Collector Manish Singh said that many people do not know English. Many officials of the administration also speak broken English. This is a problem with many young people as well.The government is giving a lot of emphasis on working in Hindi so that the people who know Hindi can bring their abilities in front of the world. Young Startups need to work in the field of Hindi, so that Hindi understanding of every village and city can also set up their own startup.